Tamilnadu's Best Political Advocacy Group


MCV Network is the Tamilnadu’s best political advocacy group. MCV is the platform of choice for students and young professionals to participate in and make a meaningful contribution to political affairs and governance of the country.

MCV woks with visionary leaders. In the process, the group helps them set a citizen-centric agenda and partners with them to conceptualize and implement the most effectiove methods of taking it to the public and gathering mass support.


Our mission is to incorporate some new techniques with Authenticity, Sincerity and Honesty.


  • Harish

Mr. Harish is a writer and a journalist working for a malayalam television channel. He is also a part of a survey team named Spick Media. He has a proven track record by predicting the results of the 2014 Loksabha Election, 2016 Tamilnadu State Assembly Election, The 2016 Thirupparankundram, Aravakkurichi By-Election and The 2017 RK Nagar By-Election.

  • Dr. Rajendran

Dr. Rajendran, A psychologist worked at Coimbatore till 2015 & later retired. He also has a proven track record of perdicting the result of 2016 Tamilnadu State Assembly Election under the team led by Harish.

  • M.Prasanna

Mr. M.Prasanna works as a Lecturer in a private engineering college. He has more interest in politics and also contested in 2011 Assembly Election as an Independent Candidate in which he secured 3,407 votes.

  • Priya Gurunathan

Ms. Priya Gurunathan, A Senior Journalist. She takes political interviews for various channels including our MCV Network and also has more interest in politics.


Survey Team

Maharaja College Students: Adya, Ryan, Arun, Anvith, Ajay, Danav, Rahul, Akshaya, Abinav, Ritvik, Anju, Sana, Diya, Akhil, Kishore, Devika, Ram, Vaibhav, Sonu, Amla, Ashwin, Jai & Sanjay

Private Engineering College Students: Kavin, Pranav, Karthik, Tamizh, Dhanush, Saran, Vishwa, Kavya, Priya, Mithun, Harini, Ragavendran, Vetri, Pooja, Pavithra, Kabilan, Vignesh, Kowshik, Siddarth, Arun & Mahathi

Team Head: Harish, Rajendran, Prasanna, Keerthana, Jagan, Sathish & Vikram